Artist on the meeting point of human habits.

Who broke with every convention , inveting her own visual idiom, her own palette, her own language for the new era: The space age.
Few Armenian artists are so well respected abroad.
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նկարիչ, Քանդակագործ AnnyRose Nahapetian and religions and cultural conception.  Whoever needs these associations, to realise that her personal history is firmly connected with the history of numerous countries, cultures and religions. AnnyRose was born as an Armenian girl in Iran, a country that is predominantly Islamic, and where she spent her childhood. She graduated as a graphic designer at the ‘Grafische Studio-Bruke Hochschule’ in Munich, Germany, and continued studying languages and sculpting in London and Turin. She worked for the Teheran Times, and as a freelancer for many different companies and organisations in Iran. After the islamic revolution in Iran, she emigrated to the Netherlands and found a home there.
Her work as an artist and poet resides in the shared borderland of all
these different cultures and languages that she has encountered and that have enriched her. This borderland, the meeting point of all these religions, traditions and of modernisation, is the birthing ground of her words and images. Her organisatorial work and research activities to collect (artistic) historical, philosophical and cultural anthropological knowledge give her the possibility of openness and of forming a frame for new compositions. Her work is extraverted, she says, and that is why the encounters with others are important for the inspiration for her work. In short, the interaction between knowledge and intuition, and between inspiration and tradition form the center, the core of her work. And so, she transforms the fragments of the splintered history into visions of survival and continuity. AnnyRose, an artist on the meeting point of human habits.

Exhibitions & Project proposals

1991 : Galerie Columbus (solo), Amsterdam
Galerie Amazone (groep), Amsterdam
1992 : St. O. K . K., (solo), Oostzaan
SVB-bank, (groep), Amsterdam
1993 : Univ. Twente Vrijhof, Enschede
Galerie Elf, (groep), Amsterdam
St. Amsterdam Kruiswerk, (groep)
Openbare Bibiliotheek, (solo), Groningen
1993/94 : Galerie Art Yard, (groep), Amsterdam
1994 : Hervormde Kerk, (solo), Oostzaan
Triodos Bank, (solo), Zeist
Galerie XY, (groep), Amsterdam
Galerie Bremmer, (groep), Tilburg
1995 : Galerie Mana, (solo), Utrecht
1995: East Gallery, (solo), Boston U.S.
1996 : Galerie XY, (groep), Amsterdam
1997 : The Explosion Artotek, (groep), Amsterdam
1998 : Gate Foundation, (groep), Amsterdam
2000 : Tropenmuseum, (solo), Amsterdam
2000 : GO Gallery, (groep), Amsterdam
2000 : Werkuno, (groep), Veenhuizen
2000 : The Explosion Artotek, (groep) Amsterdam
2000 : Nungi NK art. Ceramic biennal in Nakhijevan/Azarbaijan/Armenia
2001 : SBK the whole year
2002 : Windkracht 13 Den Helder februari/april
2002 : Gyumry biennal Yerevan august 21th, Armenia
This trip has been honoured by the Prins Berhardfonds in 2002.
2003 : KNSM Eiland, Amsterdam SBK
2003 :  GO Gallery Amsterdam
2003 :  Galerie Bremmer, Tilburg
2004 : Project in Utrecht: wings. Giving the cariatides on a building wings as appreciation for their year long service in supporting the building.
2004 : Gyumri Biennale in Armenia: from August 7th through august 29th.
2004 : Exhibition "Langusion" in the Ethnographical Museum in Armenia. August 7th through
2004 : Exhibition 'R-THEM& TEXT" in Style Gallery in Armenia. August 7th through 29th.
2004 : November 5th. Vishal -en Kloostergang in Haarlem, organized by 'Kunstlijn'.
Theme: Dislocations. Published in "Dagblad Haarlem".
2005 Fring-ism
2006 Project Gallery and Cultural center “Art Cage
2007 : Opening Art Cage and co-operating with “RODE LOPER
2008:  Exhibition “Chroma” Cultural happening “Seven days of Color.
2009:  Exhibition “Chroma” Cultural happening “Seven days of Color.
2010 : Amsterdam Chiliry Gallery
2011 : Amsterdam Art Academy a selected group exhibition.
2012 : Windkracht 13 Den Helder March till May 13
2012 : Onanjekerk Amsterdam 16 dec t/m 07 Feb 2013
2013 : Montpellier 29 April t/m 29 Mei Arte
2013 : Porto City Gallery
2013 : Spain Sarria S A S 2013.
2013 The 5th International Competition of “ GemlucArt in Monte - Carlo.
2014 : Espacio Gallery "Material world and human condition" Final NobarkingArt.Part two: 17 - 22  april,
2014 : GO Gallery Amsterdam Mythe & Muze 12 July 31 August
2015 : Moricia Spain
2015 : Espacio Gallery FleshGroup exhibition October 20- 26 Privet View on 22nd October
2015 : HILLE & ZOTOVArt Gallery Amsterdam 13-16 November Display Solo show
2016: March t/m December Coordinating National and International chain exhibitions for the Gallery Hille & Zotova  Art Gallery Amsterdam
2016: Solo November show at Hille & Zotova Art Gallery Amsterdam
2017: Group exhibition Grand Finale GoGallery Amsterdam 13th May till first of July
2017: Group exhibition Amsterdam dance Festival " Framed Beats" 20th October Gallery 5&33
2017: Kit / Cbk / Manor Hotel 18th - 29 October Amsterdam
2017: Cultuurhouse de Klinker SEEYOU@ART Festival 3 November
2018: MvVO ART - AD ART SHOW Sotheby's NYC 22 Feb - 25
2018 : Yerevan Armenia Reflection 22 – 29 August 
2018 : City Art Gallery Museum Varna Bulgaria 12th Sep- 01th Oct
2019 : Espacio Gallery London  Bounderies & Byound  April 2- 7 
2019 : MvVo Art - Ad Art Show NYC Taking Art to the streets May 1- 4  Friz Week & Oculus Westfield May17 till 24
2019 : Armenian Artists Union  Solo 7-13 August Yerevan 
2019 :  

AnnyRose in the Media
Television :
Amsterdam Oost Kanaal, Date: april 28th 2000
Radio :
Schuim & As, NCRV Live. Date: march 10th 2000
Radio 5 documentary Humanistisch Verbond. Date: april 24th 2000
News papers and magazines:
Trouw, March 4th 2000
De Gelderlander ed. Arnhem, March 21st 2000
Hoogeveensche Courant, February 18th 2000
Barneveldse Krant, February 26th 2000
Dagblad De Limburger, February 26th 2000
Brabants Dagblad, February 28th 2000
"Dagblad Haarlem", 2004

Art Books
Inco Art, Canada International Art Book                                2010
Publication St. Lucas Hospital, Amsterdam Netherlands    2011
Publication Sarria S A S                                                             2013

Publication GemlucArt in Monte - Carlo.                                       2013
Press Release Varna Bulgaria September 2018

On September 12, 2018 in the Varna Art Gallery Museum "Boris Georgiev"
Was presented the exhibition "Faces from Different Places –
Annyrose Nahapetian".  AnnyRose is a Dutch Armenian artist born in Iran.
In her works as an artist, AnnyRose paintings, sculptural, ceramic and bronze techniques. She has made numerous individual and collective exhibitions in Europe and the United States. She presented Armenian KHachkar (stone crosses) and Iranian decorative symbols in large artistic forums such as the International Biennale of Contemporary Art Gyumri in Armenia in 2002 and 2004. For her critics say: "AnnyRose is an artist in constant creative evolution, but she remains true to herself and to her vision of the world, which is brought up by the mythical and universal care of mankind and its destiny." Her works are present in galleries and private collections in the Netherlands, Armenia, USA and others.
The costumers of the fine arts in Varna had the happy opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich palette of tones, in the fairytale world of the works of the artist AnnyRose Nahapetian. Showing in the gallery, we grab and impress the various female images reflected in a wide range of saturated colors, reminding of the traditions of the Armenian miniatures. In her paintings, she portrays the image of the woman-mother, the woman-wife. Using various artistic techniques and style techniques, it skillfully combines the positive and negative effects of different images. In spite of the difficulties she has brought to life, she has managed to preserve and recreate in her paintings the beauty, tenderness, virtue, the power of the woman's spirit. The exquisiteness of these faces touches us and makes us think that wherever women live, what religion they profess, what cultural traditions and values ​​they carry in their hearts, they have a similar destiny. These are also persons from different worlds, in the fine paintings of Annyrose Nahapetian.
The exhibition was opened by Stella Kostova, the curator of the exhibition, which, with very warm words, told about the life and creative way of the artist Annyrose Nahapetian. In her statement she said: "Faces of Different Places" is the latest exhibition of the Boris Georgiev Museum  & Art Gallery. The author of the paintings Annyrose Nahapetian is an Armenian born in Iran who lives and works in the Netherlands. Even as a very young woman, she finds art as an environment for professional expression, supported by her family, quite emancipated at that time in Iran. She was young that she went to study graphic design in Germany at Brücke Hochschule Munich. After in 1974- 1975 She received a scholarship from the Tehran Times Tehran's largest daily newspaper to study Italian in Turin, as well as deepen his graphic design knowledge at Ealing Technical College in England. This place is quite progressive for the time, especially in the 60-70s of the last century when Annyrose studied there. Ealing Technical College in England completes some of the most progressive artists of our time, including Freddie Mercury, as well as many other writers, journalists, artists. This school is ahead of its time, and in the middle of the last century it deals with topics such as the digital world and the penetration of telecommunications. All this seems to us today as a daily routine, but then things were still in the beginning.  After Ealing Technical College in England, she returned to Iran, where she was promoted to Marketing and Graphics Design at the daily newspaper she worked for. This is a very special time for her as a woman and a young pro, because when she starts her career, It happened Islamic Revolution in Iran. The years 1978-1985, as we know, are famously years of the Islamic Revolution, which alter the lives of people living there in a very brutal and very radical way. For a young woman in Iran, of non-Islamic origin, it is very difficult to develop a career. She and her relatives understand that the days of the Armenian community's survival in Iran are harsh, and after the newspaper shuts down under pressure in 1983, she seeks shelter elsewhere. She has a second home in the Netherlands, where her talent and professionalism, the gift and inspiring people around her, is highly appreciated. There, at that time, the arts are very dynamic, the environment is changing very fast - artists' associations emerge, abandoned buildings are taken over, the movement of expression through contemporary art finds a response to the everyday life of the people. AnnyRose quickly finds its environment in the Netherlands. Perhaps her good managerial skills and creativity are reflected in the fact that she makes one of the unique,  Art and cultural centers there, along with a 120-square-meter gallery in the heart of Amsterdam, which she maintains with her own and other artist’s work until 2012, when she decides that her career should take a more intimate character, turn to herself. In the Netherlands, she became famous for this gallery and for representing artists and art in a somewhat unusual way. In general, she always overtakes her time, uses various techniques she has learned in advertising to present the author in an avant-garde way. For this reason, the great art museums, and not only the artistic ones, have opened it by inviting her to design their exhibitions. A little later, he began to make his own concepts for exhibitions, two of which are still remembered – the “Woman Art and Society “the "Dream of Peace" at the Anne Frank House Museum, as well as the exhibition in KIT called "Armenians in the Netherlands – a Small Society with great History ". This exhibition makes a visual survey of the Armenian ties with the Netherlands, using visual historical facts, even found common among the Armenians and the Dutch, in the works of the Old Dutch masters. Throughout the nostalgia of the lost home, the emotions it experiences, the separation with the family are reflected in her work, which at first does for herself only - painting oil paintings. Once her career reaches the level she is recognized and sought for, she understands that origin is the driving force that makes her interesting in people's eyes. She decides to change her strategy and show everything she has painted in her studio. The first exhibition, organized in 1991, was sold out. There are many links with different gallery gallerist, with different collectors. Initially, she managed to combine both activities - one of the artistic galleys that he himself runs, and the other the artist, but later in 2013 she decides to fully devote herself to her own creativity. In talks with her, she said that the outcome and work with different organizations and artists are the effects by what she is doing right now, to name her travels, to show her art and meetings with the people of the Armenian community all over the world. This exhibition, which I am pleased to present at the Boris Georgiev museum  and  Art Gallery, is named after these trips. Quite accidentally and as a result of a bad advertising campaign for Bulgaria on the Internet, she as a person who has long worked in advertising knows that advertising, albeit bad, has its impact. And here's one year after, she's with us with this wonderful show. I would like to give Mrs. Racheva a speech to tell us a little more about the paintings themselves. "
Mrs. Plamena Dimitrova-Racheva - Director of the Varna City Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev" pointed out: "This initiative of AnnyRose is wonderful, because the message of this exhibition is to be seen all over the world. I will be back a bit in time - in fact, AnnyRose was born in Iran, and there is a chess named  Abbas. He is of the Sephadees dynasty, and the Armenians are settling in Isfahan. That's where the story starts to become part of. This Iranian chess evaluates not only Armenian trade skills, but also that they can engage in diplomatic ties with the rest of the Christian world - with the Caucasus and Russia, with Western Europe. For me this exhibition is extremely interesting because it shows a modern reading of the Iranian line and miniature, and especially calligraphic or so-called Arabic. At first glance, we can identify AnnyRose's paintings with a genre of pop-art, considering her training and biography. But what is most interesting in these works is that they in modern language translate everything that has begun as a language in the art of the Iranian miniature. We see the same principles that exist in the miniature, this calligraphic obfuscation of the images with a dark contour, we see the color spaces that are superimposed in a plan or decorative principle, which is characteristic of AnnyRose's  design work. But the most interesting is the personality. She as an individual who has a cosmopolitan existence but at the same time stands close to her roots, to the value system of Armenian art and Iranian art. And why I say Armenian art, because the first Armenian miniatures, they also have that principle of drawing the image in the foreground. The symbolism of miniatures and, most importantly, that in this stylization the image becomes accessible and meaningful. In addition to its proximity to the Iranian miniature, it transmits plots of human beings, and we see here beautifully illustrated. I am endlessly happy that an art I can say has its many clear sources in such a modern language reaches us because we see in this way that traditions of soul can be transferred through art. Thanks to AnnyRose  for the show. "
AnnyRose cordially thanks Mrs. Racheva and Mrs. Kostova, as well as all those who helped with the exhibition.
On behalf of the Armenian community in Varna Mrs. Silva Beyleryan thanked the artist and wished her new creative successes.
Adrine Mikaelian


Anny Rose Nahapetian, a. k.a. AnnyRose, Armenian Iranian artist, studied in Germany, England. Her work includes, painting, sculpture, ceramic and Bronze techniques. She has exhibited individually and collectively in Europe And United Stats of America. She has represented Armenian Khachkars and Iranian ornamental symbols in art events like the International Biennial of Contemporary Art Gyumri Armenia 2002, 2004 She designed and organized the exhibition “The Armenians in Netherlands” for the tropical Museum (KIT) in 1999-2000 and many fine art projects before and after. She is founder of East and west artists association and Art Cage gallery and cultural center. The critic has said: “AnnyRose is an artist in permanent evolution; however, she remains faithful to herself and to a vision of the world that is nurtured equally from the mythical, the telluric, and the universal concern for humanity and its destiny”.
Her work is found in many collections in Armenia, Europe and USA.

-CulturalCentermanagement – all aspects of programming, scheduling, staff and volunteer management.
-Facility management, including oversight of renovations and repurposing;
-Project coordination

-2004 She proposed to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences, Her Project “ABC Kmer 6“ PDF is to be find at personal website.
-Teaching Drawing & painting techniques since 2004

Lessons at schools: 
Every lesson I teach is tought with passion and feeling. I do my utmost to persuade the children that there is more than arts and craft and pottering, and that one can actually learn from what I teach. Art will make people handy later in life, it will help them out doing things around the house and help them adjust the environment to their needs. Arts and craft tends to go in the direction of life, they are creative expressions that one can use to entertain a child. But art... art moves in many worlds. In the world of science, for instance. It makes one want to look into things, ask questions and reflex on the answers. Art will sharpen spirit and wit, it gets you involved with politics, literature, history and philosophy.

Editorial Illustration
Consultant for Branding & Corporate Identity Designs.

Statement  at presentation of sculptures and Ceramics..
My art is a manifestation of a creative process transformed into a visual state of collective logic's. Communication is a key factor in humanity, and I use this basis to experiment and search for a language that symbolically depicts the norms of our rich culture and beautiful nature. The organic and most intense forms reveal my inner sensitivity, and the harmony I find in the world around.


few words by gathering with the fellow colleg's: 

My works continue be one particular cultural heritage: That of the Orient sculpting and masonry tradition from afar to the modernity.

paar word bij het verzameling van de collegiale:
Mijn werken voort te zetten een bepaalde culturele erfgoed: Dat van het Oosten beeldhouwen en metselwerk traditie van verre naar de moderniteit.

They say “AnnyRose is a great fun to work with. She is an exceptionally good team leader with lots of fresh and original ideas. She can take on a complex assignments and deliver an outcome which is sympathetic and true to the original concept. She loves to explore new ideas and assignments.

Experienced in running and organising all aspects of a lively Cultural centre:
Motivating staff and voluntaries.
Talent scouting and booking new artists and events.
Managing renovations and rescheduling current projects.

Artist Statement:

My work could be seen as modern carving techniques inspired by rich and exquisite techniques of traditional goldsmiths and stonemasons of Armenia.
Everything that I create by drawing or engraving in any media is instinctive and inspired from my childhood. My mothers crochet work, which I have many examples of, is great source of inspiration.
In creation of my artwork equipment and tools are deliberately kept to minimum instead wide palette of colours are used to express my emotions, dreams and artistic aspirations.
Over the years use of colours and carving technique have become distinctive mark of my creations.
Experiences from variety of countries and cultures is recurring theme that enrich my creations.

Discovering, exploring and working with new materials and techniques is very exhilarating experience. Unusual and unexpected outcomes sustain my creative work. 

About AnnyRose in media:

AnnyRose Nahapetian, Armenian Iranian artist, studied in Germany, England. Her work includes, painting, sculpture, ceramic and Bronze techniques. She has exhibited individually and collectively in Europe And United Stats of America. She has represented Armenian Khachkars and Iranian ornamental symbols in art events like the International Biennial of Contemporary Art Gyumri Armenia 2002, 2004 She designed and organized the exhibition “The Armenians in Netherlands” for the tropical Museum (KIT) in 1999-2000 and many fine art projects before and after. She is founder of East and west artists association and Art Cage gallery and cultural center. The critic has said: “AnnyRose is an artist in permanent evolution; however, she remains faithful to herself and to a vision of the world that is nurtured equally from the mythical, the telluric, and the universal concern for humanity and its destiny”.
Her work is found in many collections in Armenia, Europe and USA.